Dead Girl Decay: Stacy AKA Trixie

So you may recall my super long Artist Shout Out post that I made after I came back from our Philly road trip. It mainly focused on the awesome custom hip/shoulder bag I had made by Stacy of Trixie B True. Well I could not get over how incredible it was. So I decided to thank her by making her a little something in return.

She is very involved in Roller Derby and you all know I am a big fan of that sport. I saw my first bout of the Windy City Rollers as part of my 30th birthday celebration because floor seats for roller derby was something I always wanted to experience. If I didn’t have so many health issues I would be all over joining ha ha. Either way, Stacy informed me that her team colors were red and black.

Here was the end result…


Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole



One thought on “Dead Girl Decay: Stacy AKA Trixie

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