Make Our Nightmare Come True

Who wants to give my husband and I the ultimate gift for our birthdays this year!? Rob Zombie is offering 200 fans the opportunity to be in the brand new Rob Zombie movie. It costs $500 per person (airfare not included) and of course we don’t have that right now. Perfect timing!

RZ is shooting a new film and is inviting just 200 of the most hard core fans to get involved. You could be playing anything from a horrible monster to a sick robot or maybe just playing your crazy self…. that is if you’ve got what it takes. Time to show us your star potential… who knows? Perhaps this is you chance to be “discovered.” The movie shoots in LA, in Feb. Grab a spot, sign up and we’ll contact you directly to get your headshot and some other crucial info to get you cast in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

A nightmare come true  for the ultimate Rob Zombie fans…. who have money. I mean we are literally living in Rob Zombie memorabilia. My artist name was given to me because of my “healthy” Rob Zombie obsession.We have supported his work for years including Sheri’s clothing line. It’s a shame he can’t give a few of these away to some of the real hardcore fans that can’t afford it but have truly been supportive over the years.

Well if you are feeling generous you can donate to our tickets via PayPal by sending funds to Hell it’s worth a shot! Spread the word! Help get us there!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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