Etsy Shop Temporarily Closed

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Artist Living Dead Girl Nicole is temporarily unable to fill orders at this time. This bride of Frankenstein is having surgery #3 that requires more recovery time. Her shop will re-open soon allowing customers to purchase any pre-made/ready to ship items and to put down deposits to be the first on her list for custom orders that she will start once she has risen from her grave again.

Once her shop re-opens she encourages any pre-made ready to ship orders. These types of orders will be greatly appreciated as they will help with medical expenses while she is unable to work. Please do not be spooked and continue to place these types of orders. Just remember to be patient if there are any delays in shipping. Her Frankenstein will be helping her get things shipped out as quickly as possible.

Custom made to order pieces of art will not resume until she is fully recovered so please keep that in mind when contacting her with your requests or placing any orders for items that need customization or have to be made. This includes art prints as those are printed at the time they are ordered. She welcomes you to continue to send your special item requests and she will let you know approximately when she will be able to get them created and filled.

For more info about her condition, stay up to date on her recovery and/or to make a monetary donation please visit

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