Slasher Sale for Sabbath!

I have decided to extend this sale as Sabbath has gotten worse. We had to bring her back to the vet tonight where they ran more tests and have to keep her for the next two days to monitor her, give her iv fluids, nutrients and meds. Her liver and pancreas are getting worse. The levels have increased and she has actually lost more weight despite all the hard work we have been doing to fight this! Her skin has actually turned yellow which shows she is jaundice.

If she is not better by Friday we have to make the decision for them to proceed with surgery to insert a feeding tube into her esophagus that will go directly into her stomach. With this feeding tube we would have to give her all her food and medicine through it until she improves (if she improves).

There is a 50/50 chance this will work. If it does not we will have to say goodbye to her and let her cross over the rainbow bridge. I am trying to stay optimistic that she will be one of the success stories. Anyone that knows me knows that my cats are my kids. Frank and I are not having kids and our pets are our family.

In order for us to do all of this we had to apply for Care Credit. Somehow (despite the fact I am already in a debt management program) they approved me for enough for what the costs are at this moment. The part that is going to hurt us is when we have to pay it back. That is where you can help! Please spread the word about the sale I am doing in my Etsy shop! It qualifies for any premade items in my shop for 50% off when you use the coupon code of SABBATH at check out. I am also willing to give a discount on any custom orders via private conversation on Etsy or in email. The only thing I will say about custom orders is that at the moment due to everything going on with Sabbath that they might not be done right away as I need time to be with her and learn how to take care of her if surgery is needed (which most likely will be). She will be my top priority. So if you want a custom item but are in no hurry definitely let me know! I am not sure how long I plan to continue this sale but it will definitely be ran atleast until the end of this month.

Thank you!

Living Dead Girl Nicole

I know I have mentioned our 2 cats (AKA our kids) Sabbath and Ichabod before on my blog but today is a very special post dedicated to Sabbath AKA “Sabby”. We noticed she has not been eating and had lost a significant amount of weight.We thought she had been getting more hairballs etc so decided to get them a different type of food in case the one they currently were on was starting to not agree with her. Nothing was working to get her to start eating again. What we thought to be hairballs we soon realized was nausea and vomiting when all that came up was foam, saliva, bile etc. She was not going to eat and she was starting to act less and less active. Desperate to help her we took her to the vet last week. They did blood work, urine testing, exam etc. Needless to say…

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