Spitting Image: Big Daddy Roth and Rat Fink

Ok… super excited about this post. I just gave my Dad a portrait I did for him of Big Daddy Roth holding Rat Fink for his 60th birthday. Since it was a milestone birthday I wanted to give him something special. I know that my Dad has always admired the works of Big Daddy Roth and it has been an inspiration to him in his own artwork.

Seeing my Dad has always inspired my art and has taught me so much, I came up with the idea of drawing this for him. I also just love the Fink philosophy of “Fink Differently” and wanted to add that in. As you all know I am definitely “different” not only in my art but my entire life style ha ha.

Here is the finished piece…

and of course some great shots my husband took of us tonight when we gave it to him at dinner..

DSCF9112 DSCF9115 DSCF9116 DSCF9117

Want to see other portraits I have done? Check out my Spitting Image section of my website!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

3 thoughts on “Spitting Image: Big Daddy Roth and Rat Fink

  1. What a Great dinner at Tin Fish, & it was a terrific surprise by my Family on the beginning of my 6th decade. My WONDERFUL DAUGHTER NICOLE knocked me out of the park again with 1 of her artistic portraits of 1 of my favs, the ” Big Daddy ” himself !!!! Nicole you rocked it again, YOU just keep getting better & better. Thank You so much… Love You


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