Remains: The darker side of the moon

So last Saturday was our friend’s Mom’s 60th Birthday party.  It was the party I had designed the birthday party invites for a little while back. It was neat to see them as part of the decor at the party.


It was a 60’s themed party and looking at this photo I have to laugh at how my husband and I can bring the darker side out of anything. I guess it just comes natural to us ha ha. The best part is we didn’t buy a single thing to make the costumes. Everything came out of our closets. We even pulled out a few things we wore as a part of our wedding.

We were Ozzy Osbourne and Stevie Nicks…..


And no I did not dye my hair for this costume ha ha. I know I tend to do that and I also tend to dye my hair alot of different colors but blonde is actually the one color I don’t ever do. Without makeup I look completely drained cause my skin is so pale so I never do blonde.  So with that, I have this handy dandy wig in my closet that has transformed me into many things in the past… from a creepy Alice in Wonderland to Baby Firefly of House of 1000 Corpses/Devil’s Rejects. And now I can add Miss Stevie Nicks to that list ;). Speaking of hair I am off to go touch up my roots… Black.. Black… Black Number 1!!!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

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