Skinned and Loves: Halloween Day 2013

Just some shots I got through out the day yesterday…

Me and my nephew Michael after I gored up his face. He was not quite sure what he wanted to be this year so he asked me to deaden his face up similar to what I did of him last time. This year though he didn’t have the full blown zombie garb so we only did his face and not his full neck etc.

Went with a decaying bloody look on one side of his face and then a scabby bloody sore on the other side. You can see more of my makeup creations on the Skinned page of my site HERE!

This is  a shot of my brothers awesome yard all decorated and lit up at night. The photo is cool but doesn’t do it justice. It was decked out awesome this year!

Last but not least.. a photo of Frank and I .. under our wedding arch 🙂 Yep this was the arch we used in our wedding 4 years ago minus some fake leaves and tiger lilies. I gave it to my brother to use for his yard decor. Now every year we get to see it again all lit up and remember our special day when we go over there on Halloween.

Tonight we get to celebrate our anniversary with a very special date night! We are going to see the Ringling Brothers Circus and I could not be more excited!!!!!!! We all know how obsessed I am with circus, carnis and side shows so this will be a great night for sure! Busting out my “Beetlejuice” pants for the occasion! YAY!

Stay Spooky!
Living Dead Girl Nicole

2 thoughts on “Skinned and Loves: Halloween Day 2013

    • HA HAThanks Grace. Yah we did his makeup in record speed time as well. So it came out pretty good for that. I can’t wait to go to the circus! We ended up cancelling the hotel we were going to stay at do to finances but it should still be a really fun night.


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