Adopt The Undead: Michael Turns 13 and Jim finds a new home

So my nephew Michael (whom I transformed into a zombie last Halloween) turned 13 on Monday.


I decided that since this was a special milestone birthday I wanted to make him something and since he has a love for the Walking Dead what better then conjuring up the undead.

When Michael opened him at dinner he was in awe and kept trying to figure out how I made him :). We were wondering what the folks at P.F. Changs were thinking ha ha


I told him that as a part of being the new owner he has now adopted the undead and had to give his zombie a name.

Sooo I present to you…. JIM…..

DSCF3143 (874x1024)

DSCF3146 (1024x776)

Want to see some of my other zombie and monster creations then go HERE and see who else has adopted a piece of the undead and how you can get a quote to have an undead friend of your own!! *

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

*Please keep in mind that if you want to adopt a zombie for Halloween that I must get your order ASAP as this is my busy season! 😉

2 thoughts on “Adopt The Undead: Michael Turns 13 and Jim finds a new home

  1. I can’t believe he’s 13! Time sure flies! Seems like just yesterday, he was a wee one, proclaiming “Aun Cole, your toys are scary!” Lol!! Zombie looks great! 🙂


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