Dark Artist Shout Out: Byron Rempel and the 1000 Zombie Art Project

This is a shout out post to help spread the word about a fellow dark artist I came across on the net.  I am not even sure what I was searching for when I came across Byron Rempel’s 1000 Zombie Art Project. Knowing me and zombies it is not odd that I would come across such a site 🙂 in my internet searching days. As soon as I read about the project I knew I wanted to support it. Not only do I love zombie art and have other zombie caricatures done of my husband and I. But I love supporting fellow dark artists and keeping our genre alive and appreciated.

So with that Frank and I are zombies #185 and #186….

0185_nicole 0186_nicole



Since doing our zombie portraits Byron has now decided to set up an IndiGoGo page to start getting more people interested in his 1000 Zombie Project. So I highly recommend checking it out HERE! I told him I would help spread the word about the project so please tell him Living Dead Girl Nicole sent you if you contact him about being zombified!

Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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