Mummy and Me: April and Baby Girl Adams

Over the weekend I had the joy of going to a baby shower for my friend April. I decided to make her a set of Mommy and Baby matching barrettes as her gift. I used her wedding colors and her love for things retro as my inspiration. It inspired me to start a new line of Dead Girl Decay that I am going to call Mummy and Me. Each purchase will be a set that includes a barrette for Mom and a barrette for the little one 🙂

Here is what I created and gave to her at the shower…..



And here are some photos I took (and edited) at the shower of her opening them…







and for fun here is one of me and the Mommy to be ….



Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole

4 thoughts on “Mummy and Me: April and Baby Girl Adams

  1. That’s adorable and a really great idea for a baby shower gift! I love the idea of using the wedding colors for the barrette colors. Those are going to be cherished heirlooms.


    • Thanks Alivia. When she opened them someone at the shower was like “ohhh those are your wedding colors” so it was neat that they noticed. My friend Heather helped me come up with the concept of the gift. I was gonna make the baby a barrette and Heather was like April will probably wear it too and then the idea was born 🙂


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