For those of you who have asked I wanted to post this diagram to give you a better idea of the surgery I am having on the 18th. As an artist I prefer visual explanations because I am a visual learner. For those of you who have also asked why I am having surgery check out this article which will give you a very informative perspective of what I am suffering with. I also hope that as you read it if you feel you are suffering with the same that you see a doctor. It might not “just be IBS” and might be something that you need to have fixed before it gets worse. I have suffered so many years with this trying to find out what is wrong that my large intestine is now also stretched out.. it is now considered “tortuous and redundent” which makes my condition worse. I have no shame in talking about any of this and would be happy to answer anyones questions. It is sometimes hard to talk about these types of issues and many suffer in silence. I also highly recommend the AGMD Motility Support Community which I am highly active as user NG1031. This group has helped me get answers, find my miracle doctor and finally get on the right track to where I am now.

I also would like to thank everyone again for the generous donations and support at my site. Not only have the donations been amazing but so has all the support of  everyone who has reposted or have spread the word about my page. I truly appreciate it!

Stay Spooky and Healthy!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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