More Dr. Frankenstein in my future

Dr. C’s drawing of a normal colon and my colon when
explaining my condition to me.

As many of you know from my past posts that I have been dealing with digestive health issues for over the past 7 years. I recently had closed my Etsy shop temporarily in October because I had to take a trip to the Mayo Clinic. Since that appointment I was put on a medication for over a month that did not end up working. I am now set up with an appointment to go back to Mayo Clinic on December 18th to meet with a surgeon. It has finally come to the point that surgery is the best option for me. Because of 7 years of doctor opinions, many tests, medications and diet trials I have accumulated many bills and debt. With surgery in my future this is only going to get worse but I have decided to still move forward because my health is what is most important. I have decided to set up a GoFundMe page to ask for help. I am not begging for hand outs. I have been stressing for over 7 years only making my condition worse and I am trying to find ways to make surgery and recovery less stressful for me and my husband. I have been dealing with this for so long I am ready to move forward and start living again. Every penny, every dollar and every thought counts! If you would like to help out please visit my page to read more about my situation and make a monetary gift If you prefer the give something get a little something approach then please visit my Etsy shop and make a purchase. Whatever does not cover my supply costs will be used to help pay these expenses as well. Thank you to everyone in advance for your help during all of this. Once I have surgery scheduled I will post an update so everyone will know when I will be out of commission from custom art orders and when my Etsy shop will be put on “vacation mode” to be temporarily closed while I am in the hospital. Any orders for pre-made items during my recovery time will be shipped out by my husband so that we still can have the extra income from the orders that are placed.

Stay Spooky and Healthy!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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