Living Dead School Girl is Half Way There!

I am officially 50% done so far with my Desktop Publishing and Design program. I got a little behind while being treated at Mayo Clinic and adjusting medication and health wise but I am back on track. I was getting a little bummed that I was ahead of my studies and then fell behind a little but I also know that my health comes first and it is out of my control. All I can do is stay focused when I am feeling good and keep trucking along. It was great to get an email from my school though telling me Congrats after completing my exam last night that I was officially 50% done with my program. I only have a few more courses to go and then I will start doing the actual courses that will teach me Adobe Indesign! I am very excited about this portion of the program and getting to learn the software used in the industry.

Stay Spooky and Smart!
LDG Nicole 


2 thoughts on “Living Dead School Girl is Half Way There!

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