Zombified Michael

This year for Halloween my nephew Michael asked me to transform him into a zombie and of course I said yes! 🙂 
He normally wears glasses so I left space under his eyes in case he wanted to put them on…

He did so good sitting for me as I applied all the latex and makeup. Every time people would say “oh man it looks so gross” or “it looks awesome” he was anxious to see it for himself but sat patiently. When he finally got a good look in the mirror his response was “WHOA!”  
I told him we needed to do some pics in his front yard. My brother Mike did an amazing job transforming his front yard into a cemetary which I thought would be a great back drop.
I look at how great these pictures came out and realize how much he is starting to take after Aunt Nicole ha ha. I had flash backs to my modeling days and how into character I would be. And then I look at these pictures I took of him…. 

What can I say.. my nephew rots.. I mean rocks! 🙂
Love this kid!
Check out my other makeup art HERE and my other photography/photo editing HERE!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

3 thoughts on “Zombified Michael

  1. Okay, my response is "WOAH!" too! Seriously awesome makeup job and Michael makes a superb zombie in that fabulous "cemetery". He does indeed, "ROT"!!! Haha.Slowly making my way around to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! I should say "belated" but I know that you understand that every day is Halloween for us! 😉


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