Living Dead School Girl Update #2

Well from my previous posts you all know I am enrolled in a Desktop Publishing and Design Program. So far I am still trucking along and still ahead of the game. I have finished 6 lessons and exams. I have already learned alot about the publishing process and the big picture about the elements of design and what big industries and customers are looking for. As you can see I am already starting to take what I learn and use it here online with my Blogger as well as revamping and creating a whole new professional website! Right now in my Instructional Set I am learning about Planning and Designing documents. It is teaching me how to plan a design from start to finish using industry, printing and structural standards. I have been doing Desktop Publishing and Design on my own for many years but I am so glad I am taking these courses. I am getting a better understanding of the overall picture of what I need to move forward with my career goals and what employers and customers are really looking for. It’s not just about taking a picture you like and throwing some font on it. It’s about particular fonts that are used for specific reasons, margins, specific layouts, white space etc. I have learned that colors alone can give a person an emotional reaction to your end product and how certain ones should and should not be used. There are so many elements behind Desktop Publishing and Design that makes it even more intriguing to me now!
Stay Spooky and Smart!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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