Come one, come two, come all! The Devil’s Carnival!

Last nights date night with the hubby was awesome. The Devil’s Carnival Roadshow was a ton of fun. If you are debating on attending one of the tour dates I highly recommend it. As a huge Repo! fan it was everything I had anticipated. I was so happy to hear from the Q & A session with Terrance Zdunich, Darren Lynn Bousman and Emily Autumn that this is the first of a series of movies to come!! Also if you have attended the roadshow and saw the movie please continue to spread the word about it. We as fans are their public relations which means if you want to see more awesome, creative goodness from these geniuses who are breaking the trend of typical remake horror and dark art films then spread the word!!
A few photos from last night…

Spooky Dan, Darren and Terrance

Darren, Terrance and Emily 

Spooky Dan, Darren & Terrance

You Can’t Help But Fall!
LDG Nicole 

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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