Etsy Massacre Team – See What Horror is In Store!

To all of you I am Living Dead Girl Nicole.. but to all my boil and ghoul members of the Etsy Massacre team I am Creepy Captain Living Dead Girl Nicole 🙂
Our Team Motto – “See What Horror Is In Store”

I know I have posted about the Etsy Massacre Team that I run but I wanted to remind everyone about it again as our team is gruesomely growing with insanely talented artists and crafters and they are killing it with their items in their shops!!

How to find us, How to be us…
1.) Join/Follow/Subscribe to RRS Feed of our Bloodspot Blogger:
The complete shop list is on the right side of the page that links to all the shops!
We also use this blog to post about sales, features, updates and our shop of the month!
2.) When on Etsy search for our team tag in the search bar ETSYMASSACRE and items made by our members will come up in your search and make it easy to find! Some of our members accidentally put their tag name in as 2 words ETSY MASSACRE so until they fix this please also search that to find even more great items.
3.) Join the Etsy Massacre LinkedIn Group
4.) Follow our team on Facebook (I am not on there but our awesome team member AGhoulsBestFriend runs it for our team)
5.) Have an Etsy shop? Do you make horror movie inspired items? Want to join in our massacre fun?
Go here:
Spread the gore!!!!
Tell everyone you know that loves horror to check out our team!!
We are hard at work killing up crafts for the horror fanatics out there!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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