Dead Girl Discussions & Sticking it to the living!

So a few exciting updates for my Freaky Fanatics!
New LinkedIn Professional Group/Discussion Board!
That’s right…I thought a LinkedIn Group would be a great way for me and my Freaky Fanatics to discuss my art on a professional level. I don’t do Facebook and other social media type sites anymore as I don’t like people in my personal business and I like to keep my personal life seperate from my business life. 
 LinkedIn however is a professional site for people looking for work and to spread the word with their connections to get work, jobs etc. Therefore I have a resume on there and I only connect with people that I work with professionally. This Group/Discussion board is a great way for people to inquiry, comment or connect with me to hire me for work. It is also a place where customers aka Freaky Fanatics can go to discuss work I have done for them or to inquiry about more work as well. 
 Also make sure to check out the promotions section because group members will get special coupon codes for my Etsy Shop too! So go join! I have already started various discussions based on the various types of art work that I do. 
You can use this link to get there
or click on the Dead Girl Discussions link on the top of this site!
Stick it to the living!
So many of you already have Artwork By Living Dead Girl Nicole merch. You either received it inside one of your orders or purchased some from my Zazzle shop.
Well I want you to show it off.. I want you to rock it and I want you to stick it to the living by placing any of the stickers all over the place! Then I want you to take a picture and send them into me!!! I want to see all the unique ways you rock my merch and how you spread the word about my art!!!
Any photos sent in that are featured in the Freaky Fanatic slideshow will qualify for the Undead Discount that gives you a percentage off all future orders in my Etsy Shop!

You can submit your photos straight from Etsy in a convo to me or you can click on the Contact The Dead Girl link to contact me and I will respond with the email on where to send your photos directly! 

Here are a few examples that I took with my own camera…

And.. right now I restocked on stickers!! So anyone that orders anything from me that is $50 or more will get a free large sticker and anyone that orders anything under $50 will get a free smaller sticker! 
Free is fun!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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