Expired Empire Shirts!!

As I have mentioned in my previous posts and in my links on the side of my page.. my friends are in the band Expired Empire. 
A few weeks ago me, Strazz (the bassist), my best friend Regina and my husband Frank made some hand made hats for their merch table and I posted pics of the end results. 
This hat that I made ended up being a favorite amongst the fans.. 
It has their heart logo that Strazz designed (2 backward Es that form a heart with the dashes that make a x like visual around it) and the bands name going across it. Regina actually came up with the concept to over lap them when we were discussing a stamper idea I had  :). Then I made it happen by making the actual hat. A fun creative collaboration. 
Since it was liked so much the band asked me to sketch it up for t-shirts. So I used prisma colors on black sketch paper……..
These shirts are being printed as we speak and will be available once they are done. 
For more info on the band Expired Empire visit them at Reverbnation
Rock On!
LDG Nicole

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Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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