Monster Faced finally up!

I decided to open up the windows and finally do some “spring arranging” so that I could finally hang up the Universal Monster inspired paintings (Monster Faced) that I did. I had to wait until my neighbors were gone for the day (I live in a town home connected to other town homes and banging on the wall is like banging on their wall ha ha) to hang them and today was my lucky day.
I am very happy on how well they go with our other Universal Monster living room decor (and yes those are Universal Monster throw pillows). All that hard work of painting them and now they can finally be displayed!! YAY!
That Dracula poster was a wedding gift that we never did get a chance to hang up. I wanted to be sure it would still have a spot on our wall while we wait for the poster frame to come in. I temporarily hung it with no frame to make sure it has a spot on the wall as I was rearranging. We have soooo many autographed horror movie posters and things that need to be framed before we can hang them.. we are running out of wall space in our town home for sure ha ha
I decided since the neighbors were not home it was the perfect time to also add our Captain Spaulding photo op photo to our Devil’s Rejects autograph wall…
And then took full advantage to add a few more framed autographed photos to this wall as well…
I also decided since it’s springtime it was time to give my hair some color (yes again ha ha) .Since all of the purple seems to be gone from my hair (it really stuck to my hair since I dyed it various shades of purple through out all of 2011) I added in my signature red to more then just my bangs and sides of my face (I had added red and orange to my bangs and a couple streaks around my face for the last couple of months)… my whole head is not fire engine red like it use to be but I did add a lot of it to the under layers of my dark brown hair. It’s funny because the people I know are all like “I knew the red would make a come back.. it’s only a matter of time before it takes over your whole head again” ha ha
Hooray for spring changes!
LDG Nicole

6 thoughts on “Monster Faced finally up!

  1. Hahaha! I'm with Maynard. Or at least, can I sleep over??? 😉 I LOVE your Beetlejuice doll! I have a Beetlejuice Living Dead Doll myself but it's the one that's in the B&W stripe suit. 😀


  2. Thank you.. yah our house is definitely a representation of who we are.. these pics are only part of the living room/dining room.. we have so much more fun stuff.. maybe one day I will take more pics. That picture of me showing off my hair is taken in our bathroom.. that is a bat shower curtain 🙂


  3. you can kindof see our red kitchen in the one photo through the door way.. we have a pirate rum themed kitchen ha haand the reason the walls look sortof stoneish blue grey is cause I wanted them to look as close as I could get to the walls in the Beetlejuice house 🙂


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