Doll of the Dead

Introducing my latest and greatest…

A Zombified Corpse Doll

Please note this is NOT a toy. This is a decoration/piece of art for adults and is not intended for children. 

Doll was made to be in sitting position so she will easily display on any shelf. She was approx 16 inches before she was put into display position.

She has the following…
* bloody blonde hair accented with a bloody white rhinestone bow
* one buldging blue eye & one oozing empty eye socket
* greenish brown rotting flesh. 
* Her right foot has been removed to give her that rotting decayed look and her hands have been bloodied to give her that mysterious “did this doll come to life and do something bad” appeal
* To complete her look she is wearing a cute, lacey yellow dress splattered in blood. 

This is the 1st of many to come! So keep an eye on my shop! 

If you really like her but are interested in a custom doll please contact me for more info HERE!

To see more of my zombie creations click HERE!


2 thoughts on “Doll of the Dead

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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