Dungeon Constructions Part 3

I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have enough working space in my art room AKA dungeon ha ha. I had moved my art stuff from our basement into our spare room after we had gotten a little bit of water in the basement after a TON of rain. I thought better safe then sorry even if nothing was damaged and we didn’t get that much water in the basement. I just have way too much to lose to something like that if it were to be worse. I didn’t have as much space in the spare room as I did in the basement and have to be a tad neater since I have carpet in this room unlike the cold cement basement floor that doesn’t mind the occasional drips of paint left on it. So I decided it was time to rearrange. I took anything that was being store in the spare room and went through it. Throwing things away and moving things to boxes etc. I got very lucky that Walmart was selling a 6ft foldable card table for only $35 online. We went and picked it up today and I totally rearranged everything in the spare room AKA my art room. I can not be happier. Soooo much more work space. The card table alone makes so much of a difference. I have more working space to paint, draw, create zombie messes and dead girl decay. I even have space now for my many supplies.
And with that said this living dead girl is very happy and very inspired to create!!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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