Another Memorable Halloween…

First me and Frank went away to a fantasy suite to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary 
(and yes that is a pirate ship in our room RRRR!)..

We woke up in the morning to the Bride of Frankenstein playing on tv which we found awesome and ironic at the same time..
and yes our tv was coming out of a treasure chest ๐Ÿ™‚
When we got home me, Frank and our friend Q went to our cousin David’s Halloween Party as Pulp Fiction. I decided to have some fun with my makeup and go as the OD version of Mia Wallace. I didn’t want to wear a wig so since my hair has layers in it I pinned up the longer layers to come across like I had a bob hair cut. Guess it paid that I cut bangs in my hair earlier this month ha ha. 
a closeup of my Mia Wallace OD Makeup

Q, Me & Frank Pulp Fiction style!

Closeup of me and Frank

Me & Frank enjoying the party

Me and my cousin Patrick the zombie.
That red thing hanging off my needle is my 2nd place costume prize ribbon

This couple insisted on getting a picture with Pulp Fiction ha ha.
Our friend Ryan as Dr Rockso joined in for the fun!
Then on Halloween Day I hit up the local costume shop with my sister in law because they were closing their retail store and everything was 75% off. 
Frank gave me one of his small tool boxes so I can now put all my special fx type makeup in it!! 
I am ready to learn!!!!
Then we went over to my brother’s house like we do every year to celebrate with the family. But this year my brother and Frank decided to actually scare the children trick or treating ha ha..
Complete with masks me and my sister in law got on clearance..
Bloody Creepy Clown Frank and my brother Mike as Michael Meyers
on the roof of his house scaring kids

Me & Frank – on our anniversary – Halloween Day 2011

My brother Mike as Michael Meyers
My husband Frank as bloody creepy clown

Frank dragging body parts up and down the drive way creeping out the kids ha ha

Frank on the roof of my brothers house with the chainsaw scaring kids

My brother as Michael Meyers starring kids down on the roof of his garage
Me and my nephew Michael.
He was a hot dog.. and then he decided to add a mustache and glasses
Before you know it he was talking with a british accent ha ha

My niece Kayla as Velma

My niece Amber as the Queen of Hearts
I had her pose next to the heads on purpose ๐Ÿ˜‰
Another memorable Halloween for this Living Dead Girl!
I hope you all had just as great of a time!!
LDG Nicole

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