Eye For Me

Decided to make myself a little something and also decided to rock it today.
It’s a Purple and Lime Green Feather Flower barrette with an eyeball in the middle.
Want one? I am open for commission work!
do you have a picture rocking something I have made for you? Become a Freaky Fanatic!
Contact me HERE!
LDG Nicole

3 thoughts on “Eye For Me

  1. I love you're new picture! So beautiful! 😀 P.s. Are you able to make a Children of the Corn barrette? Annnnd I really love you're artwork is it possible you could draw me a really cool zombie pin up with the same look as your cheerleader w/ pom poms picture for my tattoo??? 😀


  2. JK- Thanks doll. I am pretty sure I could make you something inspired by COTC. Actually that would be a lot of fun to make. I could search for corn and mini sickles to make it out of. And I can definitely draw something up pin up girl style for a tattoo. Hit me up on the Contact The Artist link and we can go from there. HHS- Thanks to you too doll. I am sure your stuff rocks! Would love to see it. I have a few eye ball barrettes in my shop for sale. I also have extra eyes if you ever want something custom made. Isnt' that chair the best!! I love my husband!


Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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