Under Construction

Well I have decided to take a part the art dungeon in my basement and move it back to the spare room upstairs in my town home. It is just too risky to have my supplies down there with the chance of getting water in the basement. We normally only get a little bit of water down there from time to time.. but last weekend the drain got clogged in the basement floor and while we were sleeping it rained.. and well the water wouldn’t go down so instead it went all over the basement floor. Luckily nothing important was ruined in my supplies or storage cabinets, but a lot of my boxes I had saved for shipping out orders was. So to play it safe I started to gradually move things back upstairs and it has been alot of work. You don’t realize how much art supplies you have until you have to move them up 2 flights of stairs ha ha. The table I normally do my art on is staying in the basement for get together when we have people over and my husband got me a desk from his cousin to bring upstairs that I can work on now. I plan on having it all complete by this weekend. Then I will christen the new art room by creating the 3 custom orders I just received! YAY!
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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