A dead girl can dream……

Me and my husband Frank used the Wishing Well website as a registry option for our wedding. It can be used for all sorts of important events in your life allowing friends, family etc to donate instead giving you material items for holidays, birthdays or just to help you out. 
We have decided to use the site once again as we set a new goal in our lives. We are going on being married 2 years this year (will be together going on 13 years) and we constantly talk about moving out of our town home and into our first house. Like our wedding we realize that if we want this to happen we have to start somewhere. So we are re-opening up our dream account at the credit union to make this dream a goal and a reality. We have re-opened our Wishing Well account in connection to this and any money we receive through it will be deposited into our dream account as well. It will be open donations and monetary gifts instead of material ones for our birthdays, Christmas etc. 
From this point on all sales from my art work will also be going into this dream account as well. So by purchasing my art you are also helping us make this dream a reality!
Every penny counts! And every penny is appreciated! 
To check it out and/or make a donation at 
or you can purchase a piece of my artwork by visiting my Etsy Shop:
or contact me HERE!
Dream On!
LDG Nicole

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Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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