Face Off

I could not be more excited about tonight’s premiere of the show Face Off. As many of you know my dream job is to do what these people are competing for. The funny thing is numerous people emailed me telling me about the show but I already had it set up on my DVR weeks ago ha ha.  I personally have only had experience with regular makeup, rubber liquid latex application on my zombie head props, reading my Tom Savini books and watching behind the scenes things etc.

Me at Zombie Prop Making Class With Carl.. my first Zombie Head 

When I was given the chance to learn the zombie making process I was in my glory. My friend Jim treated me to it for my birthday last year. By far the best birthday present I could ask for. I was just completely giddy during the whole process and promised him that I would continue making them! As all of my freaky fanatics know I still make them, sell them, give them as presents and have a blast making them!

Me, Tom Savini and my husband Frank in 2008

When I met Tom Savini for the first time I was once again super giddy… but kept my cool. I admire the man so much for what he does in the Special FX world. Instead of having him sign the usual movie memorabila, posters and pics I brought my Grande Illusions Books for him to sign. When I left his table I left a happier more fulfilled person and artist. I told him if I ever get rich and move to the Zombie Capital of the World, I would be sure to go to his school and make my dream a reality!

Until then I will watch Face Off and live the dream through the people on the show! Hooray to SyFy for making a show worth watching!! Us Artists and Horror/Sy Fy fans need more shows like this!!

Best Face Forward,
LDG Nicole


6 thoughts on “Face Off

  1. I got to see it too and made a kinda lengthy post about it. But to make a long story short: I loved it and thought Connor and Tom's elephant man was freakin' amazing. I'm pretty sure Connor is a shoe in for the finals. Also, Frank sounds like he's a bit of an ass. He'll be fun to watch, unless he gets kicked out for tracing next week lol


  2. Me too! At first I wondered why there were no horror movie special fx artists as judges like Tom Savini..but then I watched the audition tapes on their website and it appears a lot of the contestants went to his school. I bet that has something to do with him not being able to be a judge.


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