Happy Birthday Dad!

From either knowing me personally, reading things on my art site like my About the Dead Girl info page many of you know that my Dad has been a huge artistic influence for me.

Growing up my Dad would teach me how to shade and add uniqueness to my artwork. When other kids were coloring with Crayons I knew what Prisma Colors were. I blame my Dad for when I was little and actually turned down Crayola Colored pencils in art class because I had to use Prisma Colors ha ha. I am not a snoody person by any means and neither is he. It’s just when you’re an artist if you find something that works good you stick with it. And he taught me to appreciate the good stuff. I did however still love my crayons and would organize them by color so that I could find them when I needed them. If there was one thing I took care of as a child it was my art supplies. I could have had the messiest room in the world but my crayons were organized even by color ha ha.

I have always had a passion for the arts and having an artistic Dad made it that much more interesting to me. I have always been amazed by his talent. I remember going to the movies to see the Little Mermaid and him coming home and drawing the characters for me from memory. When I had big art contests to enter or big art projects in school my Dad enjoyed helping me out. Giving me creative lead and giving me input along the way. He would even pull out his good art supplies and let me use them.

Not only did he influence me to continue doing art but I knew that he believed in me. When my Dad gave me my “1st Portfolio” this past Christmas it was a physical reminder of that. When I brought it into work the woman there were in awe that a Father would keep so many things their child made. One of my co-workers said “Just looking at this I can see how much he really believed in your art. He knew you were talented even back then.” Seeing she has never met my Dad but could see this just by looking at the book made it that more special to me. During various times of my childhood I was “lost” and had to grow up very quickly without much of a choice, but having someone believe in me made me that much stronger of a person. And I thank my Dad for being one of those people in my life.

Today is my Dad’s birthday and I wanted to dedicate this “art” post to him. For everything he did to influence me as an artist and as a person. For always believing in me and always allowing me to be myself without question (no matter how weird I was to others ha ha ha).

I love you Dad.

Your Lil Girl Always,
LDG “Nic”ole

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