Go Dad!!!

As mentioned on my websites over the years and including this one.. one of my biggest inspirations to do my artwork is my Dad (Tom Birmingham). Growing up when most little kids were coloring.. my Dad would help teach me how to shade….teach me how to make my school projects stand out from the rest… and buy me art supplies I never heard of! And most importantly no matter how “weird” I am my Dad has always supported me.. not only with my art but also as a person. My Dad being an amazing artist has had his art work featured in everything from newspapers, greeting cards and on the desks and homes of big name business owners! And now to add to the list his artwork is now featured on the Route 66 Soda Pop bottles!!!! How freaking cool is that!!! I had to take the opprotunity to use my site to give my Dad a shout out for this because I think it’s so fun and awesome!!

Check out the bottles, the art and video HERE!!

My Dad Rocks!!
LDG Nicole

4 thoughts on “Go Dad!!!

  1. That's awesome that he was able to pass something cool like that down to you. I never had the gift at drawing which is something I always envied from the people who did. You sure do have a great talent. 😀


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