Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

My husband Frank & I before the show waiting in line
to get in. Rocking the Total Skull and the awesome
Baby Firefly necklace charm made by Agonysdecay

Last night was unforgettable!! Me and my husband Frank went to see Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie for the Halloween Hootenany tour! As posted previously we got the tickets as our 1 year wedding anniversary present to each other. The timing could not have been more perfect (since our wedding anniversary is on Halloween), the theme could not have been more perfect (since we are obsessed with Halloween) and of course the bands could not have been more perfect (because we are huge fans). As everyone knows just from my site name alone and my previous posts about my Rob Zombie art, that we are huge fans and have seen him numerous times (and I have even gotten the opportunity of a lifetime to meet him and his wife Sheri, as well as many of the awesome actors from his amazing films).  And I have always dreamt of one day seeing Alice Cooper. So to see them both in one night was something we will never forget. Such an amazing, memorable wedding anniversary gift to each other. The Murderdolls kicked things off and were killer. Alice Cooper left me in total awe and was everything I dreamt he would be live, and Rob Zombie left me demon speeding from the awesomeness of his performance.

Since so many of my customers/fans of my site are also fans of “shock rock” I decided to post a few pics for your enjoyment!!

The Murderdolls kicking things off
Alice Cooper the master of shock rock performing right before our eyes
up close and personal with the super beast Rob Zombie
I’m Demon Speeding,
LDG Nicole

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

  1. I'm glad you had fun and I hope you have a wonderful wedding anniversary. I saw them on the 4th and it was simply amazing. Rob Zombie walked the crowd and came up to my row and I got a couple of inches away from him. The best concert ever. 😀


  2. Wow that is awesome you went to his concert. Never been to his concert before only thing is my bday is same as his. Omg that is really cool your anniversary is on Hallween how fun. btw love your hair.


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