Special Hand Made Gifts!!!

From my previous posts about the fundraiser you all know about my cousin Rosie 🙂 This weekend we celebrated her and her twin sister’s birthdays. I made Rosie a special “Roses for Rosie” barrette that was one of a kind just like her.

My Aunt Mary helping Rosie open and put on her special barrette!!

And a very special thank you again to everyone that contributed by purchasing or spreading the word about the Roses for Rosie fundraiser items!! I turned the money raised and any remaining items into my Aunt and Uncle who will be taking them to the foundation next weekend for the Buddy Walk!!

And Rosie’s twin sister Randi Lynne (named Lynne after my Mom) also got a very special barrette. Since Randi Lynne loves “pretty” things I made her a special butterfly barrette that she loved.

A few weeks ago was my best friend Regina’s birthday. One thing everyone knows about Regina is her love of all things Batman!!! One year for Halloween she went as Batgirl and I went as Poison Ivy. My husband Frank went as the Riddler and our friends Heather and Mike went as Harleyquinn and Joker. It was a blast. So for her birthday I decided to make her a Batman inspired Dead Girl Decay barrette!!!
And speaking of my friend Heather.. she sent me in this awesome Freaky Fanatic photo showing yet another way she rocks her Pink Sparrow barrette!!!

Freaky Love,
LDG Nicole


Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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