October EtsyDarkTeam Exhibition!!!

The October EtsyDarkTeam Exhibition is up and the theme is Restless Spirits. I am honored to have my “The Power of Christ Compells You” Regan Exorcist portrait chosen to be a part of it!!! Go check it out along with the other amazing restless spirit art work the EtsyDarkTeam has created for this theme!! These artists/etsy shop owners are amazingly talented!!

LDG Nicole


4 thoughts on “October EtsyDarkTeam Exhibition!!!

  1. I love that picture it's pure awesomeness! You are seriously talented and have a wonderful gift. P.s. since you've seen Rob Zombie in concert many times, after the show does he stick around to take pictures with his fans? I'm seeing him tomorrow (10-4-10) and I really want my picture taken with him 😀


  2. Well I know on this tour.. Alice Cooper is doing a "paid" meet and greet thing. So sometimes when something like that is going on the "free lucky" meet and greets dont tend to happen.I go to a lot of conventions and concerts 🙂


Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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