Till Death

This time last year I was losing my mind counting down the days till my Halloween wedding. Trying to get things in order. Trying to find last minute things I still needed to get. Trying to stay organized. And most importantly trying to stay sane. And here we are fast approaching our 1 year wedding anniversary! Like my favorite frog, Kermit always says “Times Fun when your having flies”.  We already have plans to celebrate at the Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper Halloween Hootenanny Concert this October! We are so excited. It’s like the concert was made for us. Favorite shock rock artists on stage together, our favorite holiday as the inspiration of the tour and our 1 year all rolled into one! Meant to be.. just like us 🙂

One thing that helped me stay sane during the planning process was Etsy. I actually didn’t find Etsy looking for an outlet for my art work. I found it when I was searching for unique one of a kind items for my Halloween, gothic, victorian, vamp, masquerade wedding. And when I realized everything I purchased would be supporting artists like my self because all the items on the site were hand made I was in complete and under awe.

So to return the favor I have decided to create a few items in hopes I can help other Halloween, Gothic, Vamp, Rocker, Tattoo’d Brides out there searching for that one of kind thing they still need for their big day!!

I present to you straight from the grave……

Living Dead Girl Nicole’s Till Death Wedding Accessories..

As always I am always open to making custom items (if you have special wedding colors)!! So hit me up!

Mrs. Halloween,
LDG Nicole

8 thoughts on “Till Death

  1. That is right where we are right now. I never realized how wedding planning could be such a pain in the ass! Right whem you think you are ahead, you fall right back into being behind.That is so fucking kewl that you are creating wedding accessories! ;-D


  2. Awe, you guys look so cute together and you are beautiful! I'm seeing Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper this October too! I'm super excited it's going to be a fun show. I'll hit you up when I have my whole tattoo planned out!


  3. Brilliant! Love the new line! After the show I need details!! (no FL date, downside of living in SoFlo, we miss a lot of cool shows, I've been told its too expensive boooo)


  4. RubySkeleton – can't wait to see pics!! I remember when you posted on OBB the bas ass skull tiara you found!! I loved it!JennyB – I have seen Zombie so many times and he never disappoints thats for sure!! And I honestly can say even though I am a huge fan this will be my 1st time seeing Cooper!! So I am extra stoked. Thank you for the comments on our wedding pic too 🙂 Frank is definitely my sould mate and I couldnt be happier. Can't wait to see the tatt!!!Caro – I will definitely give you details. Will probably crotch my camera in like I usually do. Incase I get another close encounter with the Zombies again 🙂


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