It’s not Saturday .. It’s Wednesday..

Went to Comicon today and had the honor of seeing some amazing artwork. I had never gone to a Comicon because I am not a huge Comic book collector. I tend to spend my money at Horror Cons instead. Which I find it funny that I go to this Comicon and I end up buying Horror movie related items and pay to meet the “darker” guests they have appearing instead of anything comic book related ha ha. But I did have a great time and I was in complete awe of the artwork that I saw. I actually purchased an original Wolfman watercolor painting and 2 art prints – 1 of Bela Legosi as Dracula and 1 of the Munsters from an artist named Primo.

I can not wait to get them framed and hang them in our home! You all should definitely check out his work. He has an Etsy shop but it appears to be showing up as vacation mode which is most likely because he is on the road.
I can tell you as an artist that watercolor can be a very hard medium to use and his work is really amazing.

My main goal when I went to the con was to have the honor of meeting Lisa Loring AKA Wednesday Addams who was a complete sweetheart!! I had her sign an 8×10 of Wednesday playing in the cemetary ha ha
And I also ran into the amazing magician Ron Fitzgerald who I have had the honor of 1st meeting when I was 12 years old (when I went to his cable access show) and have been a fan ever since. Now I run into him at cons and around town and such and he is always a delight to talk to so I made sure to stop him to say hi and see how he has been and of course take a photo with him 🙂 and his lovely lady who was in complete sexy Catwoman gear!
Good night and sweet reading,
LDG Nicole

6 thoughts on “It’s not Saturday .. It’s Wednesday..

  1. THB – Yah it was my first Comicon.. I think mainly because I always dreamt of going to the one in San Diego instead of the one here in Chicago. I know the one in San Diego is always amazing.. but no loot to travel to it. My friend really wanted to go cause they had this big Batman reunion and she's a HUGE fan. So I scoped the guest list and saw Lisa Loring and was stoked to go. The artwork was amazing. I took so many business cards home with me.JennyB – Horror cons are the shit!! Especially if you can go to one that has a really good line up. My most memorable con was still the one when I got to party it up with Sid Haig for his birthday. Horror cons bring together the most amazing people as well. So many styles and different types of people there for the same awesome reason which I love!


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