Stick it to the me!

2 things inspired me to make 2 new items for my Etsy Shop. One being 2 commission jobs for the lovely Caro (who has come back for 2nds and is a returning customer!! She rocks!!). Caro loves my Dead Girl Decay Items but does not wear a lot of hair accessories, so she asked if I could make her pins versions of 2 of her favorite items!! And of course I could and was excited to change things up a bit. Commission jobs are my favorite because they allow me to take an idea, get majorly inspired and just let my artistic blood flow and create!

Commission Pin done for Caro – B&W Dancing Skeleton Dead Girl Decay
Commission Pin done for Caro – Spine Tingling Massacre Decay Pin

So it got me thinking.. what if there are others out there in the same dilema as Caro. Who don’t wear a lot of things in their hair but would also sport a Dead Girl Decay Pin. So I decided to play around with the idea and since I got alot of good feedback on the Dead Girl Ink Decay line I started and need to stock more items under that line I made 2 pins and added them to my shop….

Love Stinks – Dead Girl Ink Decay Pin
Freebird – Dead Girl Ink Decay Pin
If you are interested in purchasing these pins go here!! There are only 1 of each of them available right now.
I plan on making more pins in the future. And will continue taking on commission jobs for anyone interested!!! So please contact me if you are looking to have made a one of kind item!! 
LDG Nicole

2 thoughts on “Stick it to the me!

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