Another Award :)

Well it appears I have more fans then I thought I did ha ha. I just received The Versatile Blogger award as well thanks to ZombiesAreMagic!!!!! and Halloween Overkill!!

I am not going to repost 15 blogs since I just did in my previous posting but I will follow the rule and post 7 things about myself…

1.) When little girls wanted to be ballerinas I wanted to be Elvira (I still do)
2.) I have 2 cats, their names are Ichabod (as in Crane) and Sabbath (as in Black)
3.) I married my high school sweetheart, Frank  after being together 11 years. We got married on Halloween last year.. we are bit obsessed with the holiday.
4.) Johnny Depp is my boyfriend.. my husband is ok with it.
5.) I love everything Rob Zombie.. including his wife Sheri. My husband is ok with this too ha ha
6.) My all time favorite movie since I was a kid is Labyrinth.. Beetlejuice coming a close 2nd
7.) I have many tattoos.. some of them making up a sleeve (almost done) in tribute to spooky hot woman of cinema and tv.

Rock on!
LDG Nicole


7 thoughts on “Another Award :)

  1. Thanks Caro.. I dont have one single photo of the sleeve. I just have multiple photos as I have added to it. I only have a few empty spots to fill though and then I will definitely have to take photos of it as a whole. I love tattoos. I have them on my legs and my back too. Definetly not done!


  2. Looks awesome! you look cute with a bob! yeah, I'm def addicted to tats, only have 2 so far, one on my foot, the other on my hip which turned to be a huge tat and now I want more hahaha, just got to convince the hubby about the sleeve (he has zero, and he calls himself a rocker hahaha)!


  3. I actually just have my hair up in a clip ha ha.. its past my shoulders and layered and naturally curly. But thank you. Yah all of mine tend to end up being big.. go big or go home ha haMy husband has more then me ha ha


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