A gift from the angels……

One thing I am often told when people see my work is “you have a gift!” One of the things I love about art is that you can take “your gift” and make something special for someone. Recently, my niece Morgan on my husband’s side of the family graduated jr high and also had her 15th birthday. She had already wanted a purple and black Dead Girl Decay barrette for her birthday.. so I wanted to do something special for her graduation. Morgan lost her Father at a young age.. which really hits home to me. I too lost my Mother when I was younger as I have mentioned in past posts and I know how hard it is to hit milestones in your life without having them there with you to celebrate, to share and to just be there with you as your life changes.  Such as graduation. So I got a photograph from her mom and I drew her this portrait of her Dad as her graduation present. Inside her card I told her “let it be a reminder that he is also here with you and he is just as proud of you as we all are”. She of course cried.. but hugged and thanked me over and over again. Just seeing that not only brought back memories of going through that when I was her age but made my heart smile. All the hard work and time put into the portrait.. and to see how happy it made her on her special day made me realize why I was “given a gift” and it makes me eternally grateful that I can return that gift to someone else.
Here are a few more photos of the Dead Girl Decay barrette I made for her as well. She loved it!

LDG Nicole

2 thoughts on “A gift from the angels……

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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