G is for girly and gruesome!

Girly but Gruesome!! The title of this blog is one of the most awesome ways a customer described my work and I love it! I received another Freaky Fanatic feedback from a very beautiful customer.. Ariana.

Hey Nicole,

Thank you so much for the awesome hair piece. I LOVE IT! It’s the perfect blend of girly and gruesome 🙂

Carolina was nice enough to take some pics so I could send to you. As you can see, I have a little bit of a retro vibe going on, but I think your work compliments it beautifully.

Thank you again and I’ll be placing another order soon. I was on your Etsy page and saw another one I fell in love with – the orange one with feathers!!! LOVE IT!

– Ariana

Ariana had contacted me to make her a one of a kind hot pink and black Dead Girl Decay skull barrette after seeing the others on the site. I had posted it on mascot model AlliSIN a few posts back after I was done creating it.

Ariana was awesome enough to send me these photos for the site!! Simply Stunning. So happy to see my work on such a beautiful lady!! And that hair is just simply gorgeous!

Rock It!
LDG Nicole


6 thoughts on “G is for girly and gruesome!

  1. agree she looks amazing love the barrette and her hair is so pretty. Hey Nicole I love your blog and gave your blog an award please check out my blog for detail. 🙂 xoxohttp://mysticcolors.blogspot.com/


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