Kick Ass Feedback from another Freaky Fanatic

 I posted a few weeks ago some photos of a commissioned Zombie head prop I did for some cool cats down in Florida. If you didn’t check it out here! Well I got the most rocking feedback from them today in email. And so another Freaky Fanatic has risen from the dead.

Nicole – I just want to thank you for your excellent work on the bad ass zombie head I got for my husband Carmine, he absolutely loves it. When I saw your artwork on your web page I knew a zombie head would be the perfect gift for him. The detail is amazing, you are truly talented and will succeed as an artist. We’ll be sure to look for your name in the credits of Rob Zombies future films! Thanks again!


It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you Caro!! And I am sooo happy that your husband, Carmine loves his new dead friend so much!!! Thank you also for the kick ass photos you sent! He looks awesome displayed in your home! I love the red walls (thats the color I have in my kitchen he he).

It’s feedback like this that keeps me inspired and keeps me creating!! You guys rock!!

Dead Head,
LDG Nicole


2 thoughts on “Kick Ass Feedback from another Freaky Fanatic

  1. gotta have colorful walls! I'll have to get back to you on getting a Caro Zombie head hahaha, wouldnt want Carmine's to be be all lonely!! (like the stand, its a fancy shmancy shot glass we never use!)


Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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