Uma helping to find a cure!

I have always admired Uma Thurman. Such a uniquely beautiful woman. So amazing that Quentin Tarantino has been known to call her his muse!

When I was in high school and I heard that Uma was going to play Poison Ivy in the Batman and Robin film I was beyond stoked. Poison Ivy happens to be my fave comic book vixen and Uma one of my favorite actresses. And when I saw the movie I was definitely not disappointed! I drew this color portrait of Uma as Poison Ivy a few years back because I think she was amazing in the role.  
But what made me post this flashback art piece was a recent article I just read about Uma. This article made me adore her even more.. Uma is teaming up with Sak’s to do a fundraising event to help find the cure for breast cancer. 100% of the sales of this $35 shirt will go to breast cancer research!! How often do you hear 100%??!!! They will be on sale this October. As I have posted in the past.. breast cancer hits home for me as I lost my Mother to this disease and have watched many other loved ones be affected by it as well!! 
Hats off to Uma for being a celebrity willing to use her stardom to make a change. Yet another reason to admire a woman so beautiful on the inside and out!
To read the full article visit this site ..

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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