Train Kept a Rolling……..

I was watching old reruns of the Henry Rollins show on IFC and the episode where he interviewed Steven Tyler came on. I love just listening to that man speak. The way he explains things just amazes me. And with that I thought I would do another flashback post about some of my old Steven Tyler inspired artwork.

The first time I heard Aerosmith was when I was younger and I listened to my Dad’s Toys in The Attic album. I remember the cover of it catching my eyes. Then after I listened to it I was hooked. When I was in jr high the Get A Grip album came out and it came out at such perfect timing. I was really depressed and going through a lot of stuff and the song Amazing helped get me through it all. I never had a drug addiction like the song is about but I have felt lost, lonely, no where to turn and not wanting to live and that song gave me hope. I listened to that cassette tape so much it stopped working ha ha. It wasn’t until high school that I was able to go to my 1st Aerosmith concert thanks to my brother Mike. When Steven came out on stage I literally cried. They blew my mind with their amazing show performance. I have seen them so many times since then I can’t even tell you how many it’s been ha ha. One show I even had the honor of seeing them perform Walk This Way on stage with Run DMC right before Jam Master Jay died. I am not a rap music fan but it was amazing to see history right before your eyes.And we will never see that ever again. When Frank (now my husband) and I went on our first date to Homecoming dance our senior year of high school the song “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” came on and it was our very 1st dance. When we got married our first dance as Mrs & Mrs was that song. I felt the goosebumps all over again. If I could pick a bands music that has truely gotten me through all the ups and downs in life it would be without a doubt Aerosmith.

Not only has Aerosmith’s music been  big part of my life but they have also been inspiring to me in other ways too. Steven Tyler style alone made me understand the meaning of “be you!” He is one of the most unique individuals in rock and I admire him for that so much. And he has stayed true to that all of these years. How many bands can last over 30 years and continue to rock to all ages. If thats not inspiring I don’t know what is.

When I was in high school I drew this portrait of Steven…

Then a few years later I drew this one.. I really liked the photograph I had drawn it from because it reminded me of what unique individual Steve is.

Both were featured at the Aeroforce 1 Fan Club site a few years back.
I have never has the honor of meeting Steven Tyler or the band..This is the closest I have been to him at a show ha ha. 
And even then I lost my stinking mind ha ha. If I ever did get the opportunity though I wouldn’t tell them what a big fan I was but I would thank them for continuing doing what they have done all these year because they have inspired me on so many levels of my life. 
Sweet Emotions,
LDG Nicole

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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