More Updates a Brewing…..

Some new improvements to the site have been made!

CONTACT THE DEAD GIRL: This is a page where perspective customers, fans and people visiting the site can contact me regarding my work in a safe, fill in the blank contact form. It’s pretty much a contact me for dummies form without the crap spam! If it’s not a zombie virus people I don’t want it.

ABOUT A DEAD GIRL: This is just a typical artist bio page for people wondering why this site was created, who I am as an artist, who inspires my work and why I kick so much ass.

FREAKY FANATICS: This was formally the Happy Customers page. I didn’t like the name of it. It was too blah and too traditional. I wanted it to be called something more fun and more my style. If I’m a freak.. my fans need to be freaks too. How many people can go around saying “guess what … I’m a freaky fanatic of a living dead girl?” Well now if your cool and on my page you can. I have also opened the Freaky Fanatics page for comments (bottom of the page under the slide show). This is where if you don’t have a photo of yourself with my work but you would like to leave a recommendation about work I have done for you or work you have seen of mine you can leave it in a comment on the page. And if you do have a photo in the Freaky Fanatics slide show but want to tell the world more about it feel free to comment as well. If you are just stopping by and want to just leave a comment that you visited feel free to drop a line in my new Guest Book or on any of the news blog updates. Comments rock! Spam doesn’t.

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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