Well I just completed yet another horror movie inspired portrait. This time my inspiration coming from the trilogy that is Ginger Snaps.

Many many moons ago I use to have a Livejournal account and I was a member of a woman’s horror movie fan group on there. I came across some photos some of the other girls had posted. They were these really awesome death/suicide scene photos that they had done themselves inspired by a movie they called Ginger Snaps.

So I decided to check it out. I rented the movie and I fell in LOVE with it. It is definitely one of my all time favorites and I saw why so many of the female horror movie fans felt the same way. And after watching it I also understood their death scene/suicide photos on a more artistic and personal level.
I have been a fan ever since and watch the movie and share it with my friends who have never seen it. I truely adore the Fitzgerald sisters.
I had started a Ginger Snaps inspired portrait a few months ago and had not completed it. But after me and my husband Frank met Jake McKinnon (the beast himself) last weekend it inspired me to get it finished!! 

I love that Jake is wearing the same Milk Bar shirt I bought for Frank a few years ago!
So with that I sharpened my pencils and got the fur flowing, growled a few times in the process and now it is officially unleashed…………
Out By 16 or dead on the scene, but together forever,
LDG Nicole

One thought on “AHHWOOOOOO!!!

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