Gifted Zombie George to Romero!

If you hadn’t noticed I recently added a photo of a new zombie head I created to my Adopt The Undead page. I call him “George”. I named him George because his likeness was based off of the King of Zombies… George Romero.

Yesterday we drove to Indy for another horror convention. We knew he was one of the guests and I really wanted to give it to him. The line to meet George was hours long and literally wrapped around the building all the way outside. There had to be atleast 200 people standing there. I was pretty nervous that after all the hard work I might not be able to give it to him. That was until manager Chris saved the day!! He was able to give me the opportunity to go up front with him and personally give it to him without standing in line. I could not have been more grateful. He knew I wasn’t there just to get another autograph but to personally give George a hand made gift.

When Chris walked me and my husband Frank up to him he told George “Nicole here has a special gift for you”. I said “Hi there!! I made you your very own zombie head!” George’s eyes lit up when he saw the George zombie and he smiled and laughed and said “YOU made this!!!! Wow!!!”

My husband was able to capture a photo of me actually handing it to him because with me not standing in line I didn’t want to assume I could get one but wanted something to remember the moment..

But being the awesome guy that Romero is, he told me.. “come back here.. we need to take a picture together with it!!”  So of course I did. You can see how ecstatic I am and how appreciative he is in the photo. It’s worth a thousand words…

 He thanked me and shook my hand and told me he was going to display it on his table the rest of the day. Every time I went passed his table there was Zombie George sitting next to the king of the undead.. George Romero! So incredible.
A very big shout out to manager Chris for making sure I was able to have this opportunity with George that I will never forget!!!!


Here are a few shots of the Zombie head up close and personal…


Stay Spooky,
LDG Nicole

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