The Super Beast and His Dead Girl

Time for another flashback to explore some of my older art pieces..I decided since I am listening to Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe 2 CD for the millionth time.. why not go that route for this one 🙂

I have a little bit of an obsession with Rob Zombie. Ha Ha. To me he is one of the most amazing artists, musicians, and film directors. I love everything about him including his wife ha ha. I have dressed up as her as Baby Firefly at conventions and Halloween (my husband Frank dressed as Dr Satan) and have dressed up as Living Dead Girl for Halloween as well (my husband dressed as Rob).

my husband Frank as Rob Zombie and me as Living Dead Girl


My husband Frank as Dr Satan and me as Baby Firefly
Me as Baby Firefly and my husband as Dr Satan along with some of our friends as the Firefly Family

I even have a tattoo of her as Baby Firefly on my leg that was featured on the Total Skull Website……

Alot of that HEALTHY obsession has been expressed in my artwork.I drew this portrait I call Super Beast of Rob about 7 years ago…

then I drew this one of Sheri as Baby Firefly a few years later. I call it “Tasty” inspired by her quote in House of 1000 Corpses “That’s not the only thing tasty in this house!”….

In 2006 I had the honor meeting the Zombies after one of Rob’s show…

Sheri was at the point where she was starting to promote her clothing line Total Skull that was in the process of being created and coming out soon.. when she saw me she recognized me and came straight up to me and I was in complete and under shock. She had saved me 2 Total Skull black tshirts for me and Frank!! Of all the Total Skull merch I own (and I have a ton) that plain black tee with the white Total Skull logo will always be my favorite because it came straight from Sheri.
me rocking the shirt Sheri gave me on the 1st official TS site.
 still am awe of it 4 years later. She was the sweetest woman ever and was exactly what I had hoped she would be.  After meeting her I was in heaven standing before the god that is Rob Zombie right in front of me. And I though my heart skipped a beat when he put his arm around me to take a photo with me. He was super cool and down to earth and absolutely amazing!!
Since then I drew another portrait that I call “The Zombies”. I wanted to draw them because I admire them so much. They are such a rocking couple who wouldn’t be inspired by them..??? So what better photo to draw then the one from my Rob Zombie calendar from the Living Dead Girl video!! 😉
I had the honor of giving the original drawing to Sheri back stage at one of Rob’s shows.. it was for a Total Skull Meet and Greet Contest.. My husband Frank was able to join me and it was such an amazing experience for the 2 of us.
She really loved the drawing and that made me feel awesome. She even sent me an email after the show..


Subject: Re: YAY!!! & THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
To: “Nicole Birmingham”
Date: Thursday, December 20, 2007, 1:51 PM

thanks for the drawing and thanks for the awesome pics!!!
it was great to see ya!!!
merry christmas and happy new year!!!

One thing I can say about both Rob and Sheri is that they are genuinely wonderful in person and they truly appreciate their fans. And that has made my experience with them truly memorable. I will never forget the time I was lucky enough to be in their presence and express how much I admire them both.
Here are also 2 pumpkins I carved of Sheri 🙂 The Baby one I did I actually made the stencil and the Living Dead Girl one I did was a stencil I got off line.
My Baby Firefly Pumpkin 2005
My Living Dead Girl Pumpkin 2006


My Rob Zombie Pumpkin and my Husband Frank’s Ozzy pumpkin 2004 as seen at

Burn Through the Witches,

LDG Nicole

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