Sniff Sniff

Does it make me a weirdo that I love the smell of Rubber Liquid Latex after it dries…… its just something about it that makes me think of all things dark, creepy and wonderful.. Maybe its the memories of that smell when you first put on a new Halloween mask.. whatever it may be it smells a hell of lot better then it does when it first comes out of the jar ha ha ha

Smellfully Yours,
LDG Nicole

2 thoughts on “Sniff Sniff

  1. Well, yeah it probably makes you a weirdo,But I find what most people would call weird , rather interesting. šŸ™‚ Personaly I dont like the smell as much, but , I love liquid Latex.Interesting blog šŸ™‚ have a nice day


  2. Well first off thank you for visting my page!! Please feel free to subscribe or book mark it and come back for updates!! And yah I am the same way.. I prefer the weirdos as well ha ha.I hate the fishy smell it has a liquid.. eek. Makes my whole art dungeon reak ha ha. :)LDG Nicole


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