Howdy Folks!!

Sid Haig holding up the Spaulding print I gave to him!
As promised I have decided to reminisce some more on some older art pieces I have done.. this time my blog inspiration is coming from this photo of the amazing Mr. Sid Haig which I have framed in my home.

Sid sent me this photo for my “Happy Customer” Page when I had my art website. When I opened my email from my dear friend Suzie (AKA Sid’s wife/other half) my heart skipped a beat when I saw it. It was just another reminder of how great he truly is to his fans. 

The original portrait had been mailed in to “Rob Zombie” from a post there was on his website. They were looking for fan art for a Devil’s Rejects/House of 1000 Corpses fan art book that was suppose to be created. I immediately wanted to draw Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding. I fell in love with him and his character the minute he showed up on the screen. Me and my husband had met Sid at a convention and truly enjoyed his company and thought he was such an awesome funny down to earth guy and I really admired him even more after I had met him. 

The 1st time I met Sid in 204 – my ShitTheBed Murder Ride User Name was born HA HA!

I will never forget when he asked me what I wanted my autograph to say and he looked up at me and smiled when I said “SHIT THE BED!!” ha ha. So when it came down to it I wanted to draw Sid for my submission.

I did it with pencil, prisma colors, charcoal and pastels..
Howdy Folks – Captain Spaulding Portrait by Living Dead Girl Nicole 
Seeing Sid again – he was so sick 😦 that day but still
there rocking it for his fans and shouting SHIT THE BED to me across the con with Suzie! 🙂
Because I mailed in the original (like the post had requested) I never saw it again. And sad to say I never heard anything else about a fan art book being released. Luckily I did make 2 prints of it and took a photograph of it. One print I wanted to have Sid sign that I would keep for myself and one to give to Sid one day for being my inspiration. I remember the day I gave it to him. He was at a con and he was sick and I felt so bad for him. But he was being a trooper for us fans!! Him and Suzie yelled “SHIT THE BED!” when they saw me standing in line. He made sure to roll the print up nicely so that it didn’t get ruined and signed my print “You Got A Lot of Spirit!!” (At the time I was featured on his website as a Chicken Shack Cheerleader )

I also drew Sid and Suzie a portrait when they got married.. because I was so happy for them! They are such a rocking couple that they inspired me to bust out the pencils once again.
Sid & Suzie – the portrait I drew of them for the wedding present!
They truely have always been so awesome to me and everyone around them. You could not ask for a more down to earth couple who really appreciate the fans!!

 As I have experienced more and more of Sid’s acting work in other movies I have become an even bigger fan and have been doing what I can to return the favor of how generous he was to me by spreading the word about how wonderful he is. Not only cause he is amazing on the big screen but because he truly is amazing in person as well!! Me and my husband Frank have since had many memorable moments we have shared with Sid and his wife Suzie. Including even being able to celebrate and bring him his birthday cake and cookies one year!! 
Chicken Shack Cheerleaders!!! Suzie our Team Captain, Sid and myself!
My husband Frank and the brothers from another mother! Sid and Ken!
Giving Sid the birthday cake and cookies I brought him! 2006!
Me and Suzie at Sid’s Birthday Party – God I LOVE this woman!
Me sneaking a hug and pic from Sid at another con.
Here’s to Sid “the godfather of horror” Haig and all the amazing memories you have given us on screen and off!

Shit The Bed!!
LDG Nicole

Reunited with Sid again! I can’t get enough of his awesomeness!

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make....

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