What’s This? What’s This??

Searching through my old portfolio I came across some drawings that I did when I was a kid. And realized when my obsession with Tim Burton truly began…it’s funny how some people grew to like his work now but I have admired him since back when it was “weird” to like his work as a young girl.

Along with the childhood sketches were all the newspaper clippings from when the Nightmare Before Christmas came out in the theater. Back then it was really hard to find things NBC so I remember these clippings meaning the world to me. I would sit and try to draw the characters from them for hours.

I remember being in awe that the entire NBC movie was in clay animation and thought “wow.. what an amazing artist he is ….to be able to take something dark and make it so mesmerizing and beautiful…I want to be like that one day!!” It put my world into a whole new perspective. It inspired me to be me!

My Dad knew how much the movie inspired me and bought me a t-shirt he found (cause back then they didn’t make them in every color, shape and size ha ha) and I adored it. I remember people actually asking me what it was ha ha. As I got older I would search more and more for his art work and watch his movies.. and just genuinely admire everything about them.

People often hear me refer to him as “Pure Genius!!”.

I drew this picture of him and Jack last year and I called it “What Nightmares Are Made Of”.. It’s funny to see how my art was inspired by him as a child and now as an adult…

Here’s to finding these childhood sketches and newspaper clippings… and for always being able to find the beauty in the darkness!

Love & Skulls,
LDG Nicole

2 thoughts on “What’s This? What’s This??

  1. OMG I LOVE IT!! I remember I made my parents buy me the cd and had that thing on REPEAT! (I still have it, and the VHS hahaha) Last Thanksgiving we went to MOMA in NCY to see his exhibit, freaking amazing!


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